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Alchemy With Benefits

Sorcery by the Sea Book 3

Though marked the third book in Ms. Leon’s Sorcery of the Sea series, this book actually follows book one. Regardless, you can start with this one as it does stand alone. Comical errors and a ghostly sea captain make this book extremely humorous. The main characters, Estele and Val, are terrific. They are interesting and keep you wondering what will happen next. They are backed up a plenty of paranormal citizens of San Buena. What I think I loved the most was learning about new to me brujos. But, the fast pace and constant situation popping up kept my interest and had me wondering how this was going to end. There are lots of surprises throughout this story which adds even more interest. Once I started this story, there was no way that I was putting it down until I finished it. The world Ms. Leon has developed is awesome and while not super complex, it isn’t super simple either. This book has to be a must read for anyone who loves light hearted paranormal romance.

Estele doesn’t know why her magic doesn’t seem to work like everyone else’s magic. She tries so hard and still she does things like turning all the customers into stone. At least on that day they had a new food truck that had the most awesome food. But when the food truck worker, Val, says that Estele is to be his ally to save her community, she is sure he made a mistake. Plus, Val is a brujo and Estele is positive they are not to be trusted. Val isn’t giving up gaining Estele’s trust but will he be able to do it before the evil trying to rise? He needs to if they are going to have a chance at destroying this evil before it destroys them and the community.

Book Blurb for Alchemy With Benefits

What happens when a wacky witch who casts spells that backfire, collides with a hunkalicious food wizard who practices alchemy from a food truck?

Alchemy With Benefits.

Estele “I meant to do well” Esposito is the worst witch in the San Buena enchantment community. When she casts a spell it goes batshit wacky with disastrous results.

Everything changes when a sexy brujo, who drives an enchanted taco truck, shows up with a mysterious warning that he is her new protector. Too bad Estele hates brujos, but when an evil djinn threatens the community, Estele has to put trust issues aside and enter an alliance with a brujo to save the city.

Want the perfect alchemical recipe for hilarious chaos? Mix romance with Estele’s brand of loopy spellcasting, hexed food, a ghostly sea captain with questionable vices, a priceless gem of infinite power, malicious djinn bent on world domination and thousands of innocent people trapped at a county fair—what could go wrong?

Note: This title is number 3 in the Sorcery by the Sea series, but it really should be number 2. The storyline directly follows Fredi and Gus’s story in HOODOO BLUE, Sorcery by the Sea, book 1. Estele’s story can be read alone, but reading her hijinks in Hoodoo Blue, first will make it better.

Contains strong language. Mild sexual situations.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.50