My Darling Gunslinger

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My Darling Gunslinger

I'm fairly torn about this book - I liked Ty and I liked the rest of the motley crew and I liked Charlotte -- but the entire time I was reading the book I was wondering just why things had to get to the point where they did.

Eventually they did finally explain why a woman of her station with the connections she presumably had and who had a lot of money to throw around was at the mercy of one man...but I wasn't sure I bought it. Besides, with that amount of money, surely she could have hired some other mercenaries to protect her, or even to take out the mercenaries after her. But no, there's a lot of wiffling and waffling about not wanting to put her friend-guards in danger and how awful the villain is and how very amazingly connected he is (honestly, the way he's able to keep up with her even though she's been wandering the world stretches my ability to suspend disbelief to the ...nah, didn't buy it)...and then in the end someone shows up, deals with the villain, puts everyone out of their misery, and it's kind of anti-climactic since there's been this huge buildup this entire time about how super-villainesque he is.

The writing is lovely, the characters are interesting and fun and I have to give credit for having a competent non-white character who is treated like a human and gets a happy ending (rare in books set in those times...), and I'd be happy to read more books by this author - but reader should be aware that suspension of disbelief might be difficult.

Book Blurb for My Darling Gunslinger

After seven years on the run, crossing oceans and continents to escape an aristocrat with murder on his mind, Lady Charlotte Grenville, Countess of Westlockhart, has finally found a safe haven in the wilds of Montana.

Until the night a gunslinger wounded in body and soul falls at her feet.

In a single hand of cards, Tyler Morgan wins both the Zeppelin Ranch and the chance to hang up his guns forever. He never expects to find a proper English lady living on his land with her son and an odd assortment of servants.

With his past haunting him and his heart threatened by the lady who can never be his, Ty's future stretches out before him in one long, lonely eternity.

When Charlotte's secrets are revealed and her life endangered, will Ty strap on his guns once more to embark on a perilous journey to the glittering world that is Victorian London?

This book was previously published by the same title. The story remains a sensual tale filled with all sorts of dallying, frolicking and even a hint of debauchery. And very little of the fun takes place behind closed doors.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 3.50